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Oxtail and red wine potjie

Oxtail & Red Wine Potjie (traditional South African stew of oxtails & red wine is cooked outdoors in a cast-iron pot over coals)

#Potjiekos (Pot food) - #SouthAfrican food adventure, South Africa food

Potjiekos (pot food) is a yummy South African stew that is traditionally prepared outside.

The National dish of South Africa! Potjie!!!  Read the recipe and it sounds great.... and the blog it is from has other good So African recipes

Spicy Seafood Potjie - in a sensational sauce, potjie recipe, The National dish of South Africa!

Oxtail #Potjie

Oxtail Potjie

With this weekend’s test, it’s time for a long braai. Here’s an oxtail potjie to enjoy with the game. Ingredients: 30 ml butter 30 ml canola oil kg oxtail, small pieces seasoned flour 1 onion, .

Sumptious seafood #potjie, served with a chardonnay. - #SouthAfrica

Nooi familie en vriende oor om saam die somer te vier met hierdie watertand- Suid-Afrikaanse vakansiebederf en koel af met ’n glas koue Drostdy-Hof Chardonnay 2013 Bedien 4 tot 6

A South African Lamb Neck Potjie, also called a Lamb Neck Stew.

Potjiekos, a traditional South African dish cooked in a cast-iron pot over an open fire is the the local equivalent to the traditional stew.

Oxtail, prune and port #potjie with Pinotage

Oxtail, prune and port potjie with Pinotage

No 1/4 #Potjie Pot #SouthAfrica #SouthAfrican #Satooz

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