Pretoria, South Africa -Jacaranda trees in bloom. Students believe that if a blossom falls on their heads, they will pass their exams.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Baie Kapenaars is maar skrikkerig vir Jozi, maar dis 'n stad wat ek regtig geniet. In 2014 wil ek al die uithoeke van Johannesburg leer ken.

Photo of the Day: Atop Lion’s Head in Cape Town, South Africa

Lion's Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with a lion`s-head-shaped top at 669 metres, which offers spectacular view.

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One of the 12 gateway cities Saddleback is offering for missions. PEACE Plan -- August, 2012 I will be a part of a team planting a church to reach all the tribes who have no knowledge of Jesus Christ.