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a conference room with chairs and a large screen displaying the view of an organ heart
Medizinisch - Apple Vision Pro Spatial Healthcare Dashboard UI
Medizinisch - Apple Vision Pro Spatial Healthcare Dashboard UI by Adhiari Subekti for One Week Wonders on Dribbble
a living room with a large screen showing the various rooms in it and how they are connected to each other
Smart Home UI - Apple Vision Pro
an image of a conference room with many things on the wall
Apple vision pro : Smart home UI exploration
a room is shown with the temperature displayed on the screen and other things to see
NestHome - Smarthome Spatial UI Design
Bed Room Mixed Reality (MR) Experience
We've reimagined relaxation with our extraordinary Bed Room Mixed Reality (MR) Experience. We've integrated key elements such as AC, lights, and temperature control to curate a sleep environment customized to your preferences. Through captivating illustrations and fluid animations, we've meticulously crafted a seamless and calming journey that transports users to a serene realm of tranquility.
two screens showing different types of objects in the same area, including buttons and symbols
Sketch VR | Virtual Reality
a virtual view of a man standing in front of a screen with diagrams on it
‘Assembling UI in VR’ at Develop: Brighton - nDreams
an image of a computer screen with the homepage on it and some trees in the background
Google isn’t building the ultimate VR headset. It’s setting the foundation for one
an image of a screen with pictures on it
7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences