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how to take the perfect selfie!

Ah, The year of the selfies. If you still haven't figured it out, here's how to take the perfect selfie .Why is this a thing.

Great travel quotes :: always take the scenic route, you never know what adventures you will find

Always take the scenic route. -- Life seems so busy these days. We took a road trip on Route 66 yesterday.

No matter what never forget to smile, Here are Inspirational quotes about smile that will help you smile and be happy more often

How to create your own happiness: Smile to release endorphins Replace negative thoughts with positive ones Practice gratitude Laugh with friends Express your love Go after your goals

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes Gallery

We all make mistakes . It show us that if you don't try it and make mistakes you are not trying . It show you should try bad if it's you don't make mistakes.

Tommy Bolt quote about golf

Tommy Bolt quote about golf [ "\"A bad attitude is worse than a bad swing\" – Payne Stewart (Quote)", "Tommy Bolt quote about golf [ \"These golf quotes w