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Always a good big brother.... XD Lol I'm sorry I laughed waaay harder than I should have....

I usually never pin stuff like these (always the real work of Kishimoto-sensei) but this was just sooo funny xD

Little Itachi poked Sasuke even thou Sasuke is older than him. XD

Sasuke and little Itachi. (Poor Sasuke, still poked when he's like five feet taller than Itachi)

Itachi and Sasuke: Ha take that Itachi, you poked my dinosaur!

Poor itachi,haha Reminds me of myself and my sister.except of the death and ninja action

People saw them as evil but this shows the other side of the Uchiha.

No other clan treasured love as much as the Uchiha & No other clan relished hate as much as the Uchiha. The more you love, the more you hate. Something to remember next time you decide to love someone.

I respect him more than anyone else even if he is a fictional character.

Naruto Shipppuden, Itachi after killing his parents and clan except Sasuke"You were allways so gentle Itachi"