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Making boxes from soda cans | Hackaday

Embossing on Soda Can. Then create this sweet box. No special supplies or tools needed.

drill holes in cans, -> outdoor lights

DIY PROJECT:COFFEE CAN LANTERNS - Instead of setting them up with clamps and wood and stuff I have seen the same thing done where you just fill the can with water and freeze. Which means you then have a good sturdy surface to hammer the designs into.

I love this

Such an easy DIY for any crocheter! Use up yarn scraps and just eye ball to figure out the pattern

For the kitchen ♥ Glittering Beads at The Window  #decor #home

DIY - Beaded curtains - Strands of colored beads can be used to soften a stark window, rather than to provide warmth or protect privacy. Adding beads to your window automatically creates a bohemian feel and vibe to your room.