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From: John Hernried, M.D. NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS ENTRY WHILE STANDING UP While my professional focus is on the treatment of adult obesity, I am interested in efforts to prevent obesity in childhood. There has been considerable discussion how to...

Can Smarter Classroom Lead to Smarter Students? Once we have programmable teachers, we will see all types of training jobs vanish into thin air as workforce training becomes as simple as upgrading your class trainer to a new program.

Soft Seats - Set of 6 How cool are these? A seat for everyone and personal space too. #BacktoSchool

Kids just grab our Soft Seats for super-comfy seating right on the floor! Six roomy seats come in 6 kid-pleasing colors, all covered in wipe-clean vinyl for easy care.


To help students generate and find answers to their "I wonder" questions. I'd show this in my class every week/day if I were in the classroom.

How to draw any regular shape in #Scratch. See it in action here:

Scratch - When green flag clicked / ask how many sides / pen down/ repeat answer / move 50 steps / turn right 360 divided by answer degrees, end repeat

Code for Kids Activity - Gruffalo Coding and Retelling Printable

After reading the Gruffalo to your children, they can work on retelling the story and building an algorithm with this code activity for kids.