Light's On, But Nobody's Home

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Sandy Scott
Every Trump sentence has words. Sometimes three words, or two. And they're great sentences. With the best words. Not very big words. Every Trump sentence has words. The Words, Cool Words, Bernie Sanders, Caricatures, Great Sentences, Complete Sentences, Religion, Republican Party, Just In Case

Vocabulary of a 5th grade Bully....It figures the Racist Dummies can relate to him so well!

 File This Under WTF. Donald Trump Chose This As His Running Mate. Of Course America, or shall I say the GOP, chose Trump as the best they could come up with as the leader of their party. Cant Fix Stupid, Stupid People, Crazy People, Pseudo Science, Haha, Religion, Politicians, Republican Party, Thoughts

Palin 2016

Sarah, sweetie...You're a moron...Whatever you're thinking, that's not how it works...The sun causes cancer because of how the light reacts to our skin. Lighter skin = less melanin = higher cancer risk. Using it to power our homes and cars won't hurt us.

What a fucking idiot. Michelle Bachmann, one of the few people who could make Homer Simpson look like a rocket scientist. Honestly, this woman makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes Scholar! Cant Fix Stupid, Stupid People, Michelle Bachman, Anti Religion, Sarah Palin, Republican Party, Dumb And Dumber, In This World, Shit Happens

...this actually came out of her mouth. Michelle Bachmann, one of the few people…

The Best Quotes From Saul Alinsky's "Rules For Radicals. Rules For Radicals, Are You Serious, Ann Coulter, Religion, Out Of Touch, Stupid People, Stupid Things, Right Wing, Republican Party

-_- I can't deal with this woman. She is pro-no one, not even herself. It's completely senseless. She's ridiculous.

Fox news doesn't even try telling the truth. Sorry, but my native american roots go back to my grandmothers on BOTH sides of my family. The way I see it little blonde faux news bimbos are the illegal immigrants! Troll, Are You Serious, Non Plus Ultra, Live Breaking News, Megyn Kelly, All I Ever Wanted, Stupid People, Atheism, Look At You

More Fox news bizarreness. It is surely impossible that people are this stupid…

Never forget that this homophobic, racist, sexist, idiotic, shitkicking douchebag assclown actually said this just last year. (I hate this asshole. Religion, Right Wing, Stupid People, Republican Party, Way Of Life, Atheist, Along The Way, That Way, Dumb And Dumber

And I blame the Christian takeover of the republican party. Doesn't mean there's a correlation, I've just decided I'm blaming you & your kind.

Trump: I consult myself on foreign policy Best Brains, Political Quotes, Stupid People, Stupid Things, Foreign Policy, Thats The Way, In This World, Donald Trump, At Least

Trump: I consult myself on foreign policy

This is almost too good. Really, he consults with himself... *thumbs up* smh