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17 Doula Bag Must Haves For Great Self Care #doulabag #whatsinyourdoulabag…

17 Doula Bag Must Haves For Great Self Care- a doula serves her clients, but she must she care for herself too. Take this in your bag- for you!

Here are the tips for pain relief in labor from the experts. Doulas can help you with all of these techniques and ideas to make your birth better for you. #doula #doulatraining #birtharts  Become a Doula Today!

A-Z Pain-Relief Tips - ask your doula about any of these options that you may want to include in your birth plan!

Doulas support all types of birth! Here are 6 ways a doula can provide support when using an epidural.

There is a myth out there that doulas only support unmedicated birth. Doulas support all types of birth and moms planning to use an epidural for pain management absolutely can benefit from the services of a doula.

Preserving and protecting memories.

A doula's support works! With a doula by your side, statistics shows that laboring women have: shorter labors/ reduction in epidural use/ reduction in cesareans/ reduction in pitocin use/ reduction in forceps use.