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Good Morning sister and all,have a happy day.God bless,xxx take care and keep safe,❤❤❤☀


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Abraham Hicks , Do this trick every day to attract money , happy mood - you must hear this

lfo_miss_you_like_quotes.jpg (300×210)

lfo_miss_you_like_quotes.jpg (300×210)

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It's sad that when I'm in your arms it feels like I'm homesick, and not like I'm home. I feel secure but scared of you at the same time. Scared because I feel like I'm about to be let down and hurt by you.

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When the stars shine up in the sky - I miss you. When the sun rises and sets everyday I miss you. When the rain falls and every thing looks bright & beautiful, I miss you. Every day, every hour In every way in everything I do - I miss you.

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