Only in South Africa

Net Photo: Metro Rail Class at Kempton Park, Gauteng Province, South Africa by André Kritzinger

Only in South Africa...

Only in South Africa...

Dumbest policeman - Funny news headlines with a photo of a cop leaning against the barrel of his shotgun using it as improvised seat: "Jobur.

As funny as it is sad... a photo taken at a South African police station. These people are supposed to "serve and protect" the public who pay their wages by means of paying taxes. Agreed not all SAPS members or stations are this badly run, but something needs to be done if South Africa is ever going to conquer crime..

I present to you - the South African Police service


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the committed south african govt

South Africa under black rule has plummeted from the most advanced country on the African continent, just twenty or so years ago, to an increasingly typical Third World tin-pot ramshackle state, su.