Cape Malay lamb curry

Cape Malay lamb curry by the legendary Cass Abrahams. It's made with lamb and a host of Malay spices and served with Jasmine rice or rotis. (I bet goat would also be fabulous in this.

How to make malva pudding

I've indulged enough on junk food today. Might aswell end today's dinner with malva pudding for desert lol. Screw the diet just for today. Here comes the 6 pack kwaaaaa.

Greek chicken bake with tzatziki

Greek Chicken Bake with Tzatziki - Simply Delicious— Simply Delicious Leave out the side of Tzatziki and pita to make it "first 21 days" friendly.

Baked chicken with mushroom and wine

Baked chicken with mushroom and white wine - used a whole onion instead of the garlic and added some salt and pepper. Served it over dill-seasoned roasted cauliflower.

Eight-hour melt-in-the-mouth lamb

Eight-hour melt-in-the-mouth lamb simmered in chermoula, honey and saffron

Lemon, garlic and herb roast chicken

Lemon, garlic and herb roast chicken with gravy

Bread and butter pudding

Citrus Meringue Bread and Butter Pudding with White Chocolate and Marmalade Ice Cream: Recipe