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I have 26 walking dead posters, an Imagine dragons poster, a twd calender, three Hunger Games posters, A TFIOS poster and not to mention all my magazine clip outs

this gif is the funniest gif on the planet. also, this is my entire life. and also why my room is never clean. "Why isn't your room clean?" *shows gif* "Oh, I see. Carry on.

Don't mean to sound like a grammar Nazi though, but it's *you're>>> so true! >>> a) yes to the grammar I noticed that too b) yes to the actual post

Harry's jokes >>> look at Nialls's face tho xD>>> Nialls like posing. His eyebrow haha!>>>>me and harry have the same humour! Everything I hear his jokes I laugh! And then tell my family,., and then they think I'm and idiot.