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Animal Moms And Babies

A two week-old Eastern Bongo calf stands beside her mother at Sydney's Taronga Zoo on April

pangolin | Baby Pangolin | Think twice. These are being hunted to extinction. :( so cute

Yes, it's a mammal! Zoo keepers at Thailand's Dusit Zoo nurse a baby Pangolin. Villagers found the baby abandoned on a roadside in the outskirts of Bangkok. Pangolins curl up when frightened, exposing sharp scales for defense. Babies, like this.

Endangered Baby Hippo Rescued by South African Animal Sanctuary

Cute Newborn Baby Hippo Harry — Baby pygmy hippo, born just a few days ago, in the nature reserve in South Afriki.

Karoo, the baby blackfooted cat at the Brookfield Zoo, is the smallest African feline species.

CNN - Cutest baby animals at US Zoo's. Had to post for the Blackfooted Cat. So cute!

African Wild Dog mother ~ African Wild Dogs or Painted Dogs, are unique in the animal world, they will leave a few females with the cubs to take care of them while the rest go on a hunt. The unique part is, they will bring back food for the individuals that didn't go on the hunt!

Today less than wild dogs roam the dwindling African bushveldt.

african dik-dik - so funny this came up in my feed.  Dik Diks are my new fave animal after being with them here in Africa.  They mate for life, and if 1 dies, the other stops eating and dies 7 days later.  They are always in pairs, and so adorable!!! Another one for you Dee Dee!

Dik-dik by mikel. dik-dik is a small antelope in the Genus Madoqua that lives in the bushlands of eastern and southern Africa.