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a pink toy horse with white manes and blue hair on it's tail
Yahoo - login
My Little Pony
two umbrellas with stickers on them sitting next to each other in front of a white background
Cootie Catchers
four different colored plastic hand puppets on a white background with the words, hands and fingers written
Fuck Yeah 90s!
Sticky hands
a bracelet with multicolored beads is shown on a white background and has the word,
Old Fashioned and Retro Candy
Candy bracelet
Full House Shirts, 90s Kids, Youtube, People, Jumpers, Favorite Tv Shows, Fuller House, Full House Cast
Those Were the '90s!
Full House
the sony discman is on display in this photo
Fuck Yeah Ugly '90s Clothes!
a soda can with sunglasses and headphones on it's side, sitting in front of a white background
I'm Remembering!
dancing coke can
a barbie doll with blonde hair and pink dress in a box next to a tube of deodorant
I totally had this barbie! Still have her outfit!
a green ring sitting on top of a persons finger
mood ring
an advertisement for the wonder years with three young boys hugging each other and smiling at the camera
The Wonder Years
a pink and green hair clip with an embellishment on the end, in front of a package
Fuck Yeah 90s!
the muppets are posing for a group photo with their faces in front of them
The Muppet Show - Season One - IGN
The Muppet Show!
an old nintendo game boy with the screen turned green and buttons on each side, in front of a white background
Game Boy Wiki
there are many small toy trolls with different colors on their heads and the words don't feed them
Home 7 - Home
three different colored plastic bottles with handles
I'm Remembering!
Bubble Necklaces