I always thought it'd be nice if fast food places served french-fry sized slices of celery that you dip in ranch, in place of fries. McDonald's did start serving kid's meals with an option for apple fries, at some point. you have to opt for them

lmfao that is just awful!

Funny pictures about Not a skinny jeans fan. Oh, and cool pics about Not a skinny jeans fan. Also, Not a skinny jeans fan.

When They Start To Dance, Their Dresses Create A Surprising Optical Illusion - The Meta Picture

Optical illusion dance -- watch the legs! For some reason this made me giggle a LOT!

wow...how did she leave the house?! People of WalMart UM, honey i don't think thats the right size for u! lmao

15 Rules For How To Act In Public

What Not To Wear - Jean Shorts So Tight Your Muffin Top Pops Out - Fashion Fail ---- hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fails

Just wrong!

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Pole Dancing here she is ur pole dancer.


Boob Jobs Don't Die They Just Fade Away - Old Implants in Bikini on Beach Fail ---- best hilarious jokes funny pictures walmart humor fail

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This should read.daddy tried to raise a lady but mama won. She raised a lady that doesn't take shit from anyone.

Afrikaans - translation: "Weather prediction: If the rock moves - there is wind. If the rock is wet - it has rained. If the rock is white - it has snowed. If the rock is not visible - it is night. If the rock is gone - it has been stolen.


Love this photo collage of Africa! A well-rounded look at the culture, wildlife, and diversity.