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Easy Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for Machines  - the top secret formula that really works. Plus it only costs $1.00 for a whole gallon...

Easy Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution for Tablespoons Liquid Tide Laundry Detergent cup Awesome cleaner (dollar store brand) 1 scoop Oxyclean (I used generic dollar store brand) 1 teaspoon Downy Fabric Softener (optional) Hot Water, one gallon

Low carb shopping list and so much more. Check it out and start low carb the easy way. Sugar free. Grain free. Gluten free and whole food recipes too. |

Once you start eating LCHF clean whole foods, your pantry will shrink as you start buying less processed, long dated foods. You will start shopping at the supermarket by walking around the outer ai…