Lion's Head, Cape Town, South Africa.

Lion's Head is a mountain in Cape Town, South Africa, with a lion`s-head-shaped top at 669 metres, which offers spectacular view.

The Big Hole, Kimberley in the Northern Cape | South Africa - man-made while digging for diamonds

Abandoned Diamond mine - The Big Hole - Kimberley in the Northern Cape, South Africa

Camps Bay - Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Camps Bay - Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa- Attended Camps Bay High School w/ my host student, right by the beach

The Clock Tower - Cape Town, Western Cape

clock = reloj :) The Clock Tower - Cape Town, Western Cape, SA

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Top 10 things to do in Cape Town. Historically, Cape Town became the first formal settlement in Africa when the Dutch sailor Jan van Riebeeck landed at the south-western tip of the continent in the century. Today it’s one of the most popular tourist

Stellenbosch, South Africa

Goal: Weekend trip to Cape Town. Goal: To stay at a wine farm. Stellenbosch is in the winelands of Cape Town South Africa and is so beautiful.

afternoon stroll

It's always good to have friends. Elephant birds safari in the Angorogoro Crater in Tanzania Africa by Braden Tucker.

Whales - Simonstown, Western Cape

This photo from Western Cape, West is titled 'Heads or tails?

Famous markets

Jared Blake Music love: Oblivion - Grimes Favourite place in Cape Town: anywhere with friends Shirt: Woolworths - customised J.