Sallie Thompson

Sallie Thompson

Sallie Thompson
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White Vinegar Weed Killer - The Organic Way -

"I'm actually using this in my yard right now and it works. A bit slower than Roundup but much better for the environment. Kills weeds in about 48 hours. I don't use Dawn instead we use Seventh Generation dish soap." Green Round Up weed killer

bird feeder.

Something for the garden. This is a beautiful, unique, and rustic one of a kind, hand-crafted bird feeder. It is sculpted pine with a rustic and durable slate base. Built to last for years, it makes a beautiful addition to any yard or garden.

Light-switch plate mosaic.

Mosaic lightswitch plate - make your own to match your decor/color. Craft stores have kits, use light switch cover in use as a template. For the coloured glass could use stained glass pieces, old mirrors. SO many options.