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I want to get this for my hedgie now, and expand it (many years) in the future for a ferret

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This is what a Rabbit Food Pyramid should look like! Feed them right for a long healthy life!

I want to do this to albert!!!

Fun Fact: The Guinea Pig Dinosaur is neither pig nor dinosaur. View "Guinea Pig in a Dinosaur Costume" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

Mini ice sticks do swing furnishings, can be placed on the table as the decorations for people to enjoy, but also into the cage as a hamster mouse pet homemade toys, it is fun yo article-view-320.html

DIY little swing for hamsters and other small pets. Mini ice sticks are used to make swing furnishings. They can be placed on the table as decorations for people to enjoy, or put into a hamster cage as a toy for your hamster to play with.

cavy fleece bunk bed

Giving Your Guinea Pig The Companionship It Needs. Photo by Jlhopgood Among the most commonly held beliefs when it comes to guinea pigs is that it is okay to keep just one on its own.

Can you extend a store cage? Yes... yes, you can!  I extended a Midwest Guinea Pen with a bird cage as the kitchen but mine had to fit on a table.  Be creative!

Can you extend a store cage? This is a ginnie pig setup but make it taller and its perfect rabbit setup.