The potential for digital health in the UK - GREAT information about how digital health has tons of potential to be successful.

The potential for digital health in the UK --- from 'Intellect' the, "go-to organisation for the UK tech industry. It is the trade association for the UK's tech sector, which represents developers and suppliers of digital technology and services"

The Digital Future of Healthcare Is Here

The Future of Health Is Your Smartphone [Infographic]

How Is Your Smartphone The Future Of Digital Health And Mobile Healthcare?

Digital Healthcare

Digital healthcare infographic highlights the time consuming and expensive task of converting paper records to EMRs that is not addressed by Meaningful Use.


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Americans' appetite for mobile health technologies is increasing annually, with many using an app to track fitness and health goals. Healthcare providers utilize apps that offer the ability to diagnose and treat patients almost anywhere.

Health literacy statistics from Ragan's Health Care Communication News:

Improved health literacy reduces cost by and hospital admissions by according to Marketwave

Innovative technology is changing the field of healthcare from increased patient engagement to the implementation of electronic health records to genomic and personalized medicine.  Ninety percent of healthcare CIOs view IT innovation as critical to success, according to a new infographic from Dell. The infographic provides details on desktop visualization, EHR statistics, the use of social media, telehealth and mobile devices.

Fundamental transformation is underway in healthcare IT, but challenges remain to bring healthcare fully into the digital age.

7 Things You're Doing At Your Desk That Give You Eye Strain #Infographic #EyeStrain #Health

7 Things You’re Doing At Your Desk That Will Give You Eyestrain (Infographic)

Health Care Technology Companies Health…

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