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an old book with the title une conquete methodique
garadinervi : repertori
Paul Valéry, Une Conquête méthodique, Les Amis d’Edouard, Paris, 1897
three circular coasters with different designs on them, one in green and the other in pink
some type of font that is blue and has black letters on it with white background
Mirta by Michelangelo Nigra - Future Fonts
a dirt road with trees and bushes on both sides that reads, fiore editorial - considered goods braavi supply
Jen Wagner | Font Designer on Instagram: "Check out these 3 different looks using my fonts and a free script ✨ 1. Casa Sol, Cairo Grotesque, and Exmouth 2. Mezcal, Cairo Grotesque, and Exmouth 3. Editor’s Note Thin, Cairo Grotesque, and Exmouth Which is your favorite?! ✨👇🏻 #jenwagnerco #logodesign #graphicdesign #typography #fonts #fontlove"
a green book with yellow flowers on it
Dickens, Great Expectations, ca 1918
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Labels Studio — Text Layout, Print, Album Art Cover, Poster.
Designed by Labels Studio. Get in touch via for your Branding + Packaging project.
a pink book cover with the words la fleur verte written in black
La Fleur Verte Brand Design by JZ Creative Space
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the word love era written in black ink
Love ERA
Typeface | Design
the voltare ring now available for purchase
a book sitting on top of a white couch covered in blankets and pillows with a quote
Just a 👀 - Something new is coming soon 🤍 #showit #showitdesigner #showittemplate #websitesforphotographers #showitforphotographers #websitedesign #websitetemplate
the logo for rodeo & co is shown on a pink background with red lettering
Here’s to some colorful brands that I LOVE 🩷♥️ - Could you pull off this pretty palette? @rodeoandcophoto does it so very well ;) #branddesign #semicustombranding #premadebranding #logodesigns #monogramlogo #monogram #monogrammondaysa #branddesigner