Piezodorus Litoratus 2

Piezodorus Litoratus by Davide Rodilosso: The Gorse Shield Beetle sports two adult coloring related to sexual maturity, green, for those mating in the spring and multicolor for those which appear in the late summer

green luna moth

Это очень странные и интересные создания…Actias luna, commonly known as the Luna Moth, is a lime-green, Nearctic Saturniid moth in the family Saturniidae, subfamily It has a wingspan of up to inches making it one of the largest moths in North America.

Dragonfly covered in dew..

Funny pictures about Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew. Oh, and cool pics about Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew. Also, Dragonfly Covered In Morning Dew photos.

RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP (Pseudosquilla ciliata) guarding her eggs

RAINBOW MANTIS SHRIMP (Pseudosquilla ciliata) guarding her eggs ©Aleksandr Marinicev A Swiss marine biologist and an Australian quantum physicist have found that a species of shrimp from the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, can see a world invisible to.

Southern Hawker Dragonfly

Southern Hawker Dragonfly This guy's body looks like a totem pole! So beautiful!

busy summer bee

I have a new love for bees. I learned alot about native bees last year and what a key piece they are in the circle of life.

Pachyrrhynchus congestus real Polka dots beetle weevil from Philippines

Polka-Dot Beetle Weevil (Pachyrrhynchus congestus) from Philippines


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Hey!   Oh   Hi there!!!!

The Katydid, by Steve Passlow What a beautiful photograph. I'm so glad Steve Passlow shared this shot.