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A very interesting article. What do you think? Do you agree that our culture has moved away from being a "mommy"?

Good Parenting Habits from Previous Generations – Interesting thoughts on three basic parenting practices that stop childhood obesity, ADD, etc., all things that were considered normal just a generation ago.

15 guaranteed ways to screw up your children (with examples) #children #parenting #motherhood

15 ways to screw up your child guaranteed (with examples). These behaviors we can all be tempted to make actually have a profound impact on our children's emotional development and identity!

10 Signs That Your Child Is Spoiled

The New Old-Fashioned Parenting book, by Liat Hughes Joshi, gives tips on tackling spoilt kids and advises frazzled parents to stand firm, encourage chores and polite manners and turn off the WiFi (file picture, posed)