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several people are walking down the sidewalk in front of an old fashion store with awnings
Waiting for the bus, 1974.
Waiting for the bus, 1974. | In St Georges street. Photo by … | Flickr
a city street filled with lots of traffic and tall buildings next to eachother
Johannesburg Station late 1960's
many people are walking around in the city with signs and chairs on the side walk
Pretoria Street, Hillbrow
people are standing outside the store at night
Estoril Books and Tropicana Hillbrow circa 1978.
an advertisement for the van reebeck traditional right there in your coffee
Van Riebeeck coffee was sold in tins that could be re-used as storage containers afterwards
the outside of a building with people walking around it
'The Journey Man' Extracts - We Remember Hillbrow - SA People
'The Journey Man' Extracts - We Remember Hillbrow - SAPeople - Worldwide South African News
black and white photo of people in an airport lobby with tables, chairs and luggage
Jan Smuts Airport Departure Lounge 1969
people are lined up on the steps to get their luggage from an old fashion store
Soda Fountain Spanhoek
an image of a city street at night with lights and decorations on the buildings all around
Mid 1960's Christmas in Eloff Street.
an aerial view of a large city with lots of roads and buildings in the foreground
Eastgate 1990
an aerial view of some very tall buildings in the city at sunset or sunrise time
black and white photograph of cars parked in front of tall buildings
Sandton Civic Centre parking. Circa 1972. Now the Gautrain Station.
an aerial view of a highway intersection in the middle of rural area with trees and buildings
Gillooley Interchange 1969.