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Fruity lamb vindaloo with basmati rice 4–6 servings

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Rice stuffed baked pumpkin 6–8 servings

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Rice and vegetable slices 6 servings as a light meal or 12 as snacks

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Cheese and rice balls with chilli sauce about 16 balls

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Butternut and rice bakes 4-6 Serving

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Sweet and sour pork sausages with rice 6 servings

Rice crème brûlée 6–8 servings

Here's a Saucy Baked Bean and Sausage Casserole recipe to try. Tastic Parboiled rice in the mix

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Our heart warming Hot Chocolate Rice Pudding recipe should be a home run with the little ones

Meatless Monday means you get to indulge in the finer things in life. Here's a Caramel Rice Pudding recipe