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FIRNEE Ingredients: 2-¼ C Whole Milk, 1 C Sugar, 4 Tbsp Cornstarch, 1 tsp Ground Cardamom, 1 tsp Rose Water, 4 Tbsp Pistachios, Finely Ground, 12 whole Pistachios, For Garnish

The bold flavors of Firnee will shock the western palette. Rose water and cardamom dominate this delightfully creamy custard.

Mahalabia—Arabic Sweet | Tasty Kitchen: A Happy Recipe Community!

Had this in Palestine! Sahlab: 1 tablespoons Sahlab powder or 2 tablespoons cornstarch 4 cups milk 3 tablespoons sugar, or to taste 2 teaspoons rose or orange-blossom water (optional) 2 tablespoons finely chopped pistachios Ground cinnamon

Turkish Delight. You can replace the rosewater with any extract you want - I'm particularly partial to almond.

Any Flavor Turkish Delight - This appealing candy is easy to make at home. Rosewater can be found at specialty food stores. When the sugar syrup boils, coat the inside of the saucepan with a brush dipped in water to prevent sugar crystals from forming.