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Hungry Hubby And Family: COHEN DIET: Tomato, Green Pepper and Mushroom Pizza

I love pizza and really, who doesn't? So you have to love a diet where you can have it up to three times a week! I'm on the Cohen Diet.

Hungry Hubby And Family: COHEN DIET: Mozzarella Stuffed Mushrooms

I really love mushrooms, ever since I was a child (don't know why, but it did make for some interesting suppers!) and baked like t.

A few of these to your diet can have some major benefits.

7 superfoods for glowing, gorgeous skin

Star chef and author Candice Kumai shares her fave beauty-boosting superfoods and how to add them to your meals. Your moisturizer won't mind.

Me and my Cohen Journey: COHEN DIET: DAY 20

It's my DAY Time flies so fast. It feels like I just started. But I'm losing more and more. Last Sunday, March I had a.

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