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Disney Has Taken Over

Art of the Century
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How To Train Your Dragon

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Shhh baby. He didn't mean it.
Just Snowballs and Fun Times---Jack Frost

Rise of the Guardians

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i think ever since i saw this film i have always looked at dogs and tried to see their owner in them...and most of the time i do :)
astoryinyourhead:  101 Dalmatians Scenery: England in Blue
Anita by Hollie Ballard

101 Dalmatians

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He WAS the man. I will love him forever more. He is always in my heart. R.I.P to an amazing legend 😔❤️


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Watercolor Alice
Finding meme-o.

Alice in Wonderland

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For the Birds Pixar short
Animated Short The Blue Umbrella Opens for Disney-Pixars Monsters University

Animated Short Films

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Disney animations spliced with the actors posing for reference
Disney Animators At Work

Animation & Design

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pinner:Alright, that's just precious me: that is precious!(and omaley)

The Aristocats

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100 Disney Memes That Will Keep You Laughing For Hours
Wall•E's fully-charged sound he made after using his solar panel is the startup sound a Mac makes when booting too

Assorted Characters

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This movie is so underrated
I found this out right away, I just didn’t know it could have been for THAT reason...

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

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"Love is a song that never ends."
Baby deer


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Yup. I lost it.

Beauty and the Beast

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"Substitutiary Locomotion" scene from "Bedknobs & Broomsticks"
bedknobs and broomsticks
Bedknobs and broomsticks.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks

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Peludinho <3
Well, her suit I can understand why it has to be tight; to cut down on wind resistance so she can go faster. The sexyness is just a side effect.

Big Hero 6

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(8) Bolt: new Pigeons scene! - YouTube
Disney Quotes Motivating Monday Bolt


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Day 24: Favorite Parent, King Fergus. He cracks me up and makes me think of Dad in many ways.
Bravery is not fearlessness. It's learning to feel fear, reasoning with it, and then still doing the best and right thing anyway.
Aw so cute


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We were surprised to learn that grasshoppers can be mean, and we really wanted the ants to stand up to Hopper.
Pixar and Their Awesome Blooper Reels: A Bug's Life
ladybug Bugs life quotes | bugs life francis

A Bug's Life

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Ol' Jammer Tours Piston Peak National Park Fictional Planes 2 Fire & Rescue WPA Poster
PLANES FIRE & RESCUE, free Planes printables
Planes Fire & Rescue

Cars and Planes

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disney art♡


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Tangled and Frozen.. Eugene has Olaf's nose...🥕😁
DocTales | Shirtoid #dewey #doctorwho #ducktales #huey #louie #nathandavis #obvian #scifi #scroogemcduck #tardis #tvshow


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This image was shared via LOL Pics
Disney - Album on Imgur
Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.


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Darkwing Duck Intro. Ahh, the memories.
Steampunk GizmoDuck! Sculpted from scratch out of super sculpey firm, and plastic rod and tube. Painted with acrylic paint. He stands about 9 inches tall.
Childhood is calling

Darkwing Duck

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Blathering Blatherskite
I don't know about you but Ducktales was my favorite show growing up. It was like an Indiana Jones cartoon, but with ducks! I know they announced a new run of episodes and I'm sure it's going to be...
tag #ducktales na Twitterze


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Dumbo baby love
baby dumbo


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