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a turquoise stone with two spirals on it
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wire wrapping
a blue ball sitting on top of a table
Lapis Lazuli; favored stone of ancient Egypt, where it was believed to lead the soul into immortality and open the heart to love. A powerful protective stone. Highlights the power of the spoken word. A thought amplifier, it also stimulates higher mental faculties and encourages creativity. Lapis Lazuli aids in taking charge of life. Brings honesty, compassion, and uprightness to a personality. A bonding stone in love and friendship.
rocks and stones arranged on top of each other in the shape of heart shaped shapes
Grau in grau?
Beach stones - It is said that a stone with a hole through it brings good luck to the person that carries it. But, it must be found, not looked for, not bought nor gifted.
a black and white photo with the words, she is clothed with strength and delight and laughs domain is for sale | Buy with
An inspirational quote to carry you through your day, these customizable arm tattoos are a sweet gift for someone you love.
two photographs of an old leather book with metal buckles
Inspiration in drawing, Richard Schmidt, and Sketchbooks..
Wiccans write a lot of their thoughts and observances down, including spell work and rituals. A quality journal is a thoughtful gift for a Wiccan.
a woman standing in front of a graffiti covered wall with her back turned to the camera
cutting t shirts | Shakabuku Designs » Shirt Cutting. I would wear a Cami.
Junior / Womens TShirt Black Top Special Cut by LasciviousGrace, $24.00 Clothing Crafts, Upcycled Clothes, Womens Tshirt, Tshirt Black, Cut Shirt, Sugar Skulls, Celtic Cross, Fashion Baby, Cut Tshirt
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Junior / Womens TShirt Black Top Special Cut by LasciviousGrace, $24.00
a woman standing next to a brick wall wearing a t - shirt with holes on it
awesome. I wonder if you could do this with the "braiding" rather than cutting out all of the pieces...seems like it'd be more sturdy that way.
No tut. available behind the link but it looks like I can do this by just referencing the picture. How To Fix Shirts That Are Too Long, T Shirt Recycle, T Shirt Redesign, Tank Top Tutorial, Diy Tank Top, Shirt Makeover, Diy Outfits
No tut. available behind the link but it looks like I can do this by just referencing the picture.
the back of a woman's white t - shirt with holes and circles on it
SassySouthernGals - Etsy
DIY T-shirt idea. Cut out a skull pattern. CHASER Sugar Skull Tee. I have a few shirts like this but it would be neat to do one myself!
a woman's t - shirt on a mannequin with an intricate design
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upcycled t shirt ideas | Slashed Tshirt refashioned upcycled brown by BusyLizzyBoutique
a close up of a gray bracelet on a white surface
Re-Purposing: Braided Knit Headband out of old T-shirts
braided headbands from old t-shirts. w/d be perfect for emma, who thinks all store-bought headbands are out to cut off her brain circulation
a collage of photos with different types of clothing and shoes on display in front of a white background
diy tshirts | ... shirts i ve always loved diying but cutting out t shirts is so