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Disney. Pretty!

Disney - Dream a Dream (Explored) Cinderella Castle all lit up colorfully just before Spectromagic. Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World Resort, Florida

Flynn Rider is the cleverest Disney character..... Although Patrick Dempsy's character in "Enchanted" did too.

Only Disney Character to question why people are randomly singing (or was it Patrick Dempsey& character Robert Phillip in Enchanted?) Maybe Flynn Rider is the first fully animated Disney character to question it.


Harry Styles performing at the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics


I don't want to name my stupid files


Do they really have to ask if you want a bag l mean how else are you supposed to get everything to your vehicle.


blanket on - hot. blanket off - cold. one leg out - perfect. until the demon from paranormal activity grabs your leg and drags you down the hall.

Often happens to me haha

So true! I will be in bed some nights and my brain will be like "hey remember that really scary movie you saw awhile ago?" Lol I hate that!