Strelitzia #Kirstenbosch #botanical gardens #CapeTown (ironically this is the flower emblem for L.A. but it comes from South Africa).

My absolute favorite flower! Strelitzia Kirstenbosch botanical gardens Cape Town (ironically this is the flower emblem for L. but it comes from South Africa).

Paradiesvogelblume (Strelitzia reginae, Ave do paraíso, Bird of Paradise)

bird of paradise flowers and leaves vector illustration in eps 10 format by EMJAY SMITH, via Shutterstock

bird paradise: an illustration of strelitzia regina bird of paradise flowers with foliage on a pale green background

birds-of-paradise-resized.jpg (650×664)

birds-of-paradise-resized.jpg (650×664)

Flower (Botanical name - Strelitzia reginae) by mw2st, via Shutterstock

Flower (Botanical name - Strelitzia reginae) by via Shutterstock

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This photo from the TrekNature travel gallery is titled 'Variable sunbird Photo'.

11257243396_5c049b76e4_m.jpg (240×160)

11257243396_5c049b76e4_m.jpg (240×160)

Beautiful birds of paradise flower

Bird-of-paradise or crane flower ( Strelitzia reginae ) is a native of South Africa. The genus is known as the bird of paradise flower be.

Mexican Bird of Paradise

Mexican Bird of Paradise (Red bird of paradise) and in Puerto Rico la flor del Flamboyan

"Bird of Paradise" - j.o'donnell

Bird of Paradise is my latest painting. I had a small canvas that I wasn't doing anything with so I decided to paint this flower.