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There's nothing like an immaculate home theater setup to get us through our Thursday evenings

Built-in glass display case which utilizes nice backlighting for a cool effect.

Everything out of the box for me, even though I hardly ever seel anything, I kept all my GMP/ACME/AA/ and Highway 61 boxes, threw out most ERTL boxes, esp.

Stealing this idea for my slot car table

This with a big hot wheels course no shelves on the sides instead a foldable plastic table in the basement and your good to go

This homeowner converted the attic space into a model-car museum and model-car garage.

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These Bertby wall-mounted display cabinets are popular with diecast collectors. They were once sold at Ikea until a recall caused Ikea to drop them. They can be wall mounted or recessed. Very stylish way to display your models or other collectibles.