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the man is holding up a bottle of water
Dune Part 2
I’m so annoyed, Paul was perfect until that Water of Life, he better get a redemption arc 😭😭 I can’t wait years for part 3 💀 #dune #duneparttwo #dunepart2 #paulatreides
two drawings of the same man with blue eyes
Wendy Sullivan💖💜💙✨ (@WendyDoodles) on X
Wendy Sullivan💖💜💙✨ on X: "#duneparttwo #paulatreides He's got two looks! https://t.co/lQZb6pJ7Tn" / X
i am the kwistaz haderach text on black background with white snake
Quote from Frank Herbert's Dune. Forgive me for the slight deviation, but it just seemed so apropos. :-)
an open jar of marmalade on a white background with the word atreides
a woman in pink shirt sitting on top of a tree next to a man with blue eyes
a tweet with an image of a rabbit on it's back and the caption that reads, can't stop thinking about the real star of dune
two pictures with the same person in different outfits, one is holding his hands up
two pictures of the same man with different hair colors and facial expressions, one is smiling at the camera
Dune Messiah