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a cute cartoon owl sitting on top of a rainbow with a star on it's head
Cute Owl with Heart Is Sitting on a Rainbow
two owls sitting on a branch with flowers and hearts in the background, one is holding a
an owl flying through the air with its wings spread
💘💘 Beautiful Owl 💘💘
an owl is perched on the branch of a tree in black and white photograph by person
an owl reading a book with its eyes open while laying on top of another owl
Dave 'Williams' Beckmann was (I suppose still is) controlled by some Government dept./prsn-symbolzd lighter gray (not dark)/white. Thy md him prtnd b play boy. Go 2 weeknd mrtrcyle races-1x Phnx,AZ. I fsd @him-sd he need b @hm w/daghtr read her bedtime stories. He quit-lost his room & board. Govt. angry. Dave's good govt. mgr. was killed-