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White Cyclone (Rollercoaster) at Nagashima Spa Land, Japan

White Cyclone (ホワイトサイクロン Howaito Saikuron) is a wooden roller coaster at Nagashima Spa Land in Mie Prefecture, Japan. At m ft) in length, White Cyclone is the third longest wooden roller coaster in the world.

Devil Firefish | devil firefish, Pterois miles (Scorpaeniformes: Scorpaenidae ...

The common lionfish or devil firefish/tigerfish is a species of ray-finned fish native to the western Indo-Pacific region, and is frequently confused with its close relative, the red lionfish.

Tessellated Blenny

The tessellated blenny lives inside an empty shell of the large barnacle, Megabalanus tintinnabulum. It is dioecious and the male and female form a pair Fertilisation is external and the male broods a clump of eggs inside the barnacle