Only in South Africa!

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Only in South Africa - too many commuters, not enough coaches!

Net Photo: Metro Rail Class at Kempton Park, Gauteng Province, South Africa by André Kritzinger

Oh no !

Baboons and monkeys will get into anywhere where they can smell food. You have to always be vigilant when travelling in areas in South Africa where they are present.

One hundred onety two and three rands! #zumamustfall #southafrica…

One hundred onety two and three rands! - Enjoy the Shit South Africans Say!

#eskom #slowcooker #humor #afrikaans #South_Africa #Africa #lag

#eskom #slowcooker #humor #afrikaans #South_Africa #Africa #lag

Only in Africa

Only in Africa!!!

Why I love living in Africa 5 - boot legging (we call the trunk of a vehicle "boot")

Pothole joke South Africa

Pot Luck for Awesome South African Man Who's Fixing Our Potholes!

Jokes only South Africans will understand #Zuma#jokes#africa

Jokes only South Africans will understand. Millions of South Africans of all races are furious with President Zuma and want him out ! The ANC took a solid beating in the recent municipal elections and were voted out in all major Metros