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a small metal object on a stand with words above it that read, keep below fan the propellor will spin forever
Toys from Trash
Wow. Cool magnet project for later years...
a man standing in front of a rack filled with green drinks on the sidewalk next to a building
An Algae Bioreactor From Recycled Water Bottles
An Algae Bioreactor from Recycled Water Bottles by mfischer~ Rain Barrels, Chicken Coops, and Solar Panels by scoochmaroo
an image of a machine that is on the ground
Good Survivalist has Tools and Experience – Camping Fun Zone
convert generator to natural gas propane
the diagram shows different types of batteries and their uses, including one that is used to charge an electronic device
How to Make a Battery That Lasts (Practically) Forever | Ready Nutrition
This could come in handy during the zombie apocalypse: How to Make a Battery That Lasts (Practically) Forever
8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home
8 Easy Physics Tricks To Try At Home
the components of a solar window are labeled in red and white, with text below
New solar fuel machine 'mimics plant life'
power of carbonation | ... heats a ceria cylinder which breaks down water or carbon dioxide
an electronic device with wheels and wires attached to it
How to Make Free Energy Floodlight
How to Make Free Energy Floodlight
an image of a wiring diagram for a car with the engine and its components labeled
“…Convert Any Vehicle Into A Hybrid For Under $100 and Start Saving Money And Environment Instantly…”
three different types of batteries and their uses
eBooks - Get hold of lots more great survival equipment, tools, techniques and guides to help you survive!
a machine that is sitting on the ground next to a potted plant and some wires
Green Steam Engine ®Home Page
Steam Generator runs on any fuel
a red liquid is in a glass container
Heron's Fountain Фонтан Герона
Heron's Fountain is now perpetual !!!
a large stack of plastic containers sitting on top of a metal rack with two black lids
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Off Grid Saltwater Battery Can Power Home for 10 Years!
Build a Wimshurst generator for energy Home Décor, Home Remedies, Power Efficiency, Homestead, Power
Build a Wimshurst generator for energy
an electronic device with many wires attached to it's back end and on top of the machine
This Magnetic Generator harvest power from 16 Neodymium magnets, (rare earth magnets). With a half life of 2000 years, this means they loose virtually no power for several hundred years and still have half their power at the end of 2000 years. The magnets are approximately 1 inch x 1 inch x 4 inches long with a pull power of 255 lbs each. The combined power of the 16 magnets is 4080 pounds of pull. This simple new technology will soon energize cars, homes,power plants, just about everything.