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there is a spiral staircase in the house with potted plants on the floor and another plant next to it
interior stairyway
This is how I think stucco should be used. All these square houses are doing it wrong trying to preserve hard corners in stucco. Stucco (and gunnite) should be used to soften things and give them a more organic look.
a white brick building with an open door
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*미니멀 하우스 리모델링 [ MCLAREN EXCELL ] KEW HOUSE :: 5osA: [오사] _
a chair made out of rocks and moss
Welcome to Greenspirit Arts
Another view of the "Emerald Moss Faerie House" courtesy of the artist, Sally J. Smith.
a modern house with glass walls and wooden flooring
S House by Domenack Architects
Domenack Architects designed the S House for a family in Lima, Peru
two pictures of muffins and milk in front of the same box on a table
60 ejemplos de packaging original: ¡lo que importa también está en el exterior!
Muffin Tops Baking Cups are too funny #packaging : ) PD
a long hallway with lots of plants in it
Attached greenhouse design with sustainable indoor planter beds
Passively heat your home in the winter, and have fresh veggies year round.
the dome house is surrounded by greenery and trees
Dome house rotates to take advantage of sun's energy - Impact Lab
dome house 2
a multi - colored building in the middle of a city
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Colorful Buildings in Little India Singapore
a car parked in front of a tall white building with windows and balconies
Mẫu Thiết Kế Nhà Phố 4x16m Hiện Đại 3 Tầng Tại Tp. HCM
multiple images of the inside of a building with green plants and trees in front of it
houses and architecture (138) at Srta. Jara Modern Living
Lautner-Sheats/ Goldstein house
a woman laying in a hammock surrounded by plants
Serre d’abondance et autonomie alimentaire feront de vous une personne libre !
Francis Gendron, spécialiste québécois des Earthships (bâtiments écologiques) et serres solaires passives, dédie sa vie et son métier, sa passion, au développement de la nature dans notre quotidien. Son site SolutionEra propose la visite d’une serre, en mettant en relief l’importance de l’autonomie, de la santé, du respect de la biodiversité.
several photographs of the inside and outside of a building with glass doors, windows, and stairs
Still Japanese courtyard house
Still Japanese courtyard house featuring Furniture on #furniture
four different views of the exterior of a modern house with trees and grass on each side
A Contemporary Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture in Kiev, Ukraine
A contemporary Prairie House by Yunakov Architecture in Kiev.
the inside of a japanese style house with water and rocks in it's pond
Understading About Bonsai in Cumberland Heights, Illinois