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No matter how many time they try to tell you with more than just their words that you are not beautiful. Do not for a second believe them, and never ever cast someone aside because you cannot find their beauty the moment you look at them.

Her soul died 3 years later at age At age 14 she's dying and suffering. I would kill 7 year old me because that was the last truly happy memory I have. I can't really remember true joy

Change the Plan, not the Goal.

what do i need to start my business, what do you need to do to start a business, i want to start a business - The Handmade Business Mentor: Quotes To Inspire If the plan doesn't work change the plan, not the goal.

☂️ I'm sorry but I'm not in a good l mood and you don't seem to really comprehend the severity of this. I'm now coughing up blood. Something is wrong. And I'm cranky cause I hate missing work and I hate being sick. Unless I call into work for you ;)

Meri baat sun, zindagi to pehle he tere naam kardi hai an jaan bhi lay gi? Choti choti khushiyan hein meri us mein bhi curiosity phila de. I miss you bohat Zaida and I love you!