Walnut Crescent Lounge by Vonnegut/Kraft

Walnut Crescent Lounge by Vonnegut/Kraft (Furniture Designs Inspiration)

Peter Eisenman's Cidade da Cultura de Galicia.The legs of the dining tables in the canteen area extend upwards to form stylised trees, which have an aluminium frame beneath the oak exterior and can incorporate additional lighting.

Remodelista, Estudio Nomada, Peter Eisenman, Cidade da Cultura de Galicia, abstract forest of trees extends from the dining room tables. We can appreciate this design.

wooden whales

I think wood toys rock. These really are quite beautiful, aren't they? Would love to watch after adding them to Block Work. Toda la información y productos especializados para el la raza perro maltés

Pattern - CNC cut

Could do this outdoors, kids climbing frame. start with a half sphere and extend. Might have to be shaped like a truncated octahedron to enable repetition.

woodwork joints

I have admired the work of John Galvin for some time. I love the term “Furniture Artist”, I think it suits his work exactly.

Felt Drawer - Arnon Desk by Piet Houtenbos

Custom modern furniture made in Brooklyn, New York. Arnon Home Office Desk made from solid Beech wood, satin nickel and felt lined drawers. Design by Piet Houtenbos.