Good idea of more magazine style staggered placement. Also, think maybe of using lifestyle imagery like the Apple Watch does and photoshop in the train. (make it feel exclusive)   Also, maybe use the HYPERLOOP logo large and place big on the page. Like "JOHN" in this.

love the quote and photo layered on the surfing photo Graphic - Omg surfers! Okay well I love the graphics on this magazine layout? The picture being cut off really catches my attention I love it.

Dreamer - Responsive One Page Parallax Template by AVAThemes, via #Behance #Webdesign

Buy Dreamer - Responsive One Page Parallax Template by AVAThemes on ThemeForest. Description If you are searching something different and out of the line, please check out the Dreamer – Responsive .

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More abstract layout, contrast created in the different text sizes and widths. Unusual placement of imagery and text - creates something new and different.

Lauralin website design

Lauralin website design - great one page design. Modern with a retro feel to it, conveyed by the colors, images, and layout.


One page layouts look like this. Kenway - Responsive Parallax Template by Zizaza - design ocean , via Behance


Moire Studios is a thriving website and graphic design studio based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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infographic - Very good proximity between all elements on the pages. The eye is drawn directly to the image, and then to the paragraph explaining the image.