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Just a lil fact!: Just a lil racoon fact!

Baby raccoons cover their eyes when they're scared.

Just a lil fact!: Just an enlightening fact!

Sexism is a social disease. Racism is a social disease. Homophobia is a social disease. Discrimination is a social disease.

Just a lil fact!: Just an old tortoise fact!

Meet Jonathan the tortoise. He is estimated to be 182 years old. The oldest tortoise ever recorded.

Here's a video on how I make a Greek Frappé. Enjoy.  Ingredients: 1 cup water (250ml) 2 tsp Nescafe coffee (10ml)  1 tbs water (15 ml) 2 1/2 tsp white sugar (12.5ml). Ice (cubes/crushed) 1 glass (250ml) 1 Frother 1 Straw  Method: 1. Add the coffee, sugar and 1tbs water to the glass 2. Froth the mixture well until creamy and light brown 3. Add the water to the glass and froth the mixture again slowly 4. Add the ice and then stir with a straw 5. Let the Frappé settle and enjoy!

How to make a Frappé Greek iced coffee in just one minute!


Fun and practical digital literacy tech activities for students who have multiple disabilities and are visually impaired.

Just a lil fact!: Just a quick awesome tip for your images and pics!...

Use PNG when you save a pic with text instead of JPEG. It will stop the unprofessional blurriness in your pics.

Just a lil fact!: Just a PewDiePie YouTube fact!

Just a lil fact!: Just a PewDiePie YouTube fact!

Just a lil fact!: Just a FULL Half earth fact! wait what?

Earth as seen from the new Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR). The image is the first to show the entire sunlit side of the Earth since astronauts on the Apollo 17 mission captured one of the.

Just a lil fact!: Just a Pluto fact! So it is a dog!

After 9 years of travelling and 3 billion miles later, new horizons space craft brings us amazing images of Pluto!

Just a lil fact!: Just PANDA ANT!

Panda Ant This fluffy creature with panda markings is actually a type of wingless wasp from South America. It has only been spotted a handful of times but it is known to have a potent sting.

Just a lil fact!: Just a Saturn, Moon and Earth fact!

if Saturn was close to earth MORE OF WTF FUN facts are coming HERE relationships and fun facts

Just a lil fact!: Just a gay but awesome fact!

Gay marriage made legal across the United States June Humanity is moving forward.