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an old gothic alphabet with letters and numbers in black ink on white paper, including the letter
Ohand Include Somethng From The Elder Scrolls Language Underneath
the alphabet is shown in black and white
Graphic of Moon Alphabet. Moon is an alternative code and typographic form for Braille.
Shaman by on @deviantART Cosplay, Grunge, Goth, Bodypainting, Punk, Larp, Tribal Makeup, Costume, Witch
Shaman by on @deviantART
a woman with long hair and horns on her head
Esto me recuerda demasiado a una ilustración de #angryblue #justinkamerer
a woman with tattoos and piercings on her face
BIO Luis Royo. …
an ornate metal wall hanging with feathers attached to it's sides and a cross on the side
Tyrande Whisperwind World of Warcraft craft by Jojoska on DeviantArt
This is still a Work in Progress, but "done beats perfect" so here's what I have so far...EDIT: aaaand DONE, for now. Now you know as much as I do! Moving on to another pair of wings and will...
an image of two women in the water
A precious memory... by Shinsen on DeviantArt
A precious memory... by on @DeviantArt
a woman with blue eyes and horns on her head
Draenei Revisited by ImRachelBradley on DeviantArt
Draenei Revisited by on @DeviantArt
a poem written in black and white with the words, shadows fall and hope has filed
Dragon Age Inquisiton - The Dawn Will Come
Dragon Age Inquisiton - The Dawn Will Come