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I love a good library...Bodleian Library, Oxford. Meticulously paneled rooms add to the weighty sense of history while offering a sense of envelopment that counters outside distractions.


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ophelia prop

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Ophelia vibes

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Praying Angel Garden Figure Large Size 36" Tall Indoor Or Outdoor
Praying Angel Garden Statue - 36 inch


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secluded location

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estienne's sister in law?

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Antique Dress - Item for Sale
A Peacock Themed Regency Dress and Open Robe - Decor To Adore

misc dresses

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curly hair and fancy hair stuff

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fencing stuff kinda

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Category:Handbook of ornament; a grammar of art, industrial and architectural designing in all its branches, for practical as well as theoretical use (1900) - Wikimedia Commons

patterned flower art

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romantic sorta dresses?

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wholesome stories

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Edwardian (early 1900s) Cotton (or Linen?) Daydress
90400 Snowdrop Edwardian Eyelet Lace Gown | Etsy

european victorian edwardian

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Victorian cotton flannel nightgown with roomy sleeves and body. Ruffled flounce is trimmed in white cotton cluny lace, as are the sleeves, yoke, and collar. Small faux-pearl buttons close the front. Proudly made in the US by Recollections. Machine or hand wash on gentle cycle in cold water; Tumble dry on low setting or hang to dry.


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Xi Shi | Warring States Period Set (西施) – NewMoonDance
Sir Edward John Poynter - Lesbia and her Sparrow (detail) (1907)

Ophelia graceful poses

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Russian dresses

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Renaissance Dress in Purple & Chocolate Linen, Milkmaid Dress, Peasant Costume

Rosalind lower class

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fdevitart — "Howl's Moving Castle but in the actual 1900s"...

Estienne full design dress

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Rudolph Ackermann (England, London, 1764-1834)

Estienne face/vibe

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Aramantha character design

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