Science Christmas Gifts For Kids | 2019 Edition

Science Christmas gift guide for kids. Top science kit and present ideas for boys and girls. Open your child's mind with one of these excellent science…
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a blue sculpture sitting on top of a book
This Book is a Planetarium …and other extraordinary pop-up contraptions
This book concisely explains—and actively demonstrates through six functional pop-up contraptions—the scientific wonders at play behind seemingly-simple everyday things. #STEAMgifts #giftsforkids #edugifts #craft
the easy to do crochet kit is in its box
4M Easy-to-Do Crochet Kit - DIY Arts & Crafts Christmas Gift for Kids
The 4M Easy-to-do Crochet Art Kit is a perfect beginner's set to teach children the fundamentals of crocheting. The kit includes two crochet hooks, one plastic needle and seven colors of yarn, plus a 14-page instruction book covering three different crocheting projects. Create up to three of the following items to keep or share with friends: a coaster, a handbag, a place mat, or a belt. Recommended for ages 8 years and up. #crochetartkit #christmasgift #giftforkids #diygift #craftgift
a hand holding a paintbrush next to a toy dinosaur with paints on it's body
Decorate Your Own Dinosaur Figurines | 3D Painting Dinosaurs Toys for Kids Boys Christmas Girls
Looking for dinosaur toys or arts and crafts for girls and boys? Our dinosaur is a great DIY craft kit gift for girls and boys ages 3-8. Great way to teach your children about Dinosaurs. A great Christmas gift or rainy day craft activity. Explore your creativity: mix the paint colors together to create different hues and shades to add more detail and unique designs. kids who take pride in creating and enjoying their finished product. #dinosaurpainting #christmasgift #diydinasaur #giftforkids
two children are playing near a christmas tree
DIY Felt Christmas Tree Set - Kids Gifts Party Supplies | Gift to Kids
That will be a perfect gift for your little kids for Christmas. It will keep your little kids occupied during this holiday. The Christmas tree set is safe for your kids since it’s no smell and soft.This activity is fantastic to practice hand use, vocabulary, hand eye coordination, fine motor skill & color recognition.Perfect for home party, Christmas,kids birthday and so on. #diychristmastree #gifttokids #christmasgift #christmasgiftforkids
the jumbo slime kit is packed with supplies for making gummy bracelets
DIY Slime Kit for Girls Boys, 18 Mystery Box | Christmas Slime Gift for Kids
Zen Laboratory Slime Kit puts families first and fun second. Not only is our slime safe, but it also provides hours of fun for kids. Boost creativity and increase hand-eye coordination by experimenting with all 50+ accessories included in this kit. We give you everything that you need for DIY Slime. It is the best gift to kids ages 5-8. #schristmagift #alimekits #slimeset #giftforkids #slimescience
a wooden box with several files in it and one opened to show the contents inside
Prepared Microscope Slide Set for Basic Biological Science Education
A good collection of slides, gift wrapping, is a great gift for a close-up course for a young family member who is just beginning to do biological research #sciencegifts #sciecneforkids #biologyforkids
a hand holding something blue with the words bubbley gooey snotty slime
Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab | Best science kit gift for kids
The Mega slime & putty lab contains eight amazing varieties of slime and putty including magnetic putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, color changing putty, snotty slime, bouncing putty and 1 DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab plus cool accessories. What makes putty so stretchable? Why does slime drip and ooze? Check out the learning Guide for interesting slime and putty facts plus a few simple experiments for kids to try at home. #slimekit #slimegift
a stack of coins sitting on top of a table next to an open book
Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit | Christmas Gift to Kids
Great for at-home exploration, the classroom, science fair, STEM clubs, and more! Combines science, math, art, and engineering. Aligns with Next Generation Science Standards. #magnetkit #gifttokids #christmasgift #magnetexperiment
an open box containing microscopes, tubes and other medical equipment with information about the contents
Kids Beginner Microscope STEM Kit with Metal Body Microscope
This beginners' microscope gets the job done, and it would be great for a young kid who is just getting interested in biology. #sciencegift #sciencekits #biology
a red gift box with a red bow on it and the packaging is wrapped in white paper
Crystal Growing Kit for Kids - Christmas Gift for kids
Let your child feel like a real chemist mixing the special ingredients and watching the crystal grow, day by day. And when you're done, display it on the light-up display for all to admire! Follow along with the beautifully illustrated 12-page booklet describing how crystals are formed. #Christmasgift #scienceset #giftforkids #christmaslabset
a small green christmas tree sitting on top of a wooden table next to a red ornament
Christmas Tree 3D Xmas Soldering Practice Electronic Assemble Kit Project for Kids | Christmas gift
3D Christmas tree DIY soldering kit is designed to improve users' electronics knowledge and soldering skills. It is perfect for school basic electronics projects, ASP(After School Program) and STEM education. The solder practice kit will become a beautiful flashing Xmas tree when assemble complete. 36pcs 7-color LED diodes will make a bright, colorful and wonderful light at night. It is recommended for kids ages above 5. #schristmasgift #giftforkids #christmaskit #christmasset