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The broods of vipers can twist anything to distort the truth, and they carry all the traits of the snakes in the pit; Mixed messages of scents via all world sources are their trade marks from delusional thought processes aligned to Christ's opponent by their spiritual debt issues against Christ & His Teachings: Revelation 22:15 cites thereof. Crazy makers moving the goal posts and agendas when it follows suit. A Lie is a Lie - end of.

Honesty If your parents punished you after you told the truth then you would be afraid to be forthcoming and learn to lie. "passed down generation after generation. my entire life. narcissistic mothers destroy their own families.

I Trust YOU, GOD!!

God is always faithful to answer. Sometimes His answer is a much desired yes. Sometimes His answer is a merciful no. Sometimes His answer is a faith-building not yet.sometimes when an answer cannot be found, His answer is simply Trust Me.