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a statue of a cat on the ground
Bronze Cat
Bronze Cat | by ChrisCavallucci
four different shots of people doing tricks on skateboards
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Beautifully imperfect sculptures…
a large metal horse statue sitting on top of a lush green field at sunset with the sun setting behind it
The Kelpies horse-head scukpture, Falkirk, Scotland
a statue of a man riding on the back of a horse in front of snow covered mountains
Sue Spargo
whitehorse Yukon Canada
a piece of art sitting on top of a beach next to the ocean at sunset
Louise V Durham stained glass sculpture Shoreham by Sea
many people are standing in front of an ice sculpture that looks like a giant hand
Snow art
an angel statue with the moon in the background
Campo Marzio, Rome
a black and white photo of a young man with his face covered in mud, looking to the side
tears of stone
a bronze statue in the shape of a woman with a bow and two deers
Diana and a Hound
Diana and a Hound Paul Manship 1925 bronze
a sand sculpture of two girls playing with a star
revere thomas
"Catch a Falling Star"' 2nd place & People's Choice sand sculpture by Thomas Koet.
a sand castle made to look like it is on the beach with animals and people
Who loved building sand castles as a child? Never built one quite like this.