19 Pins
the front cover of gather magazine with cacti in it's foreground
Gather, Issue 5
a bunch of branches that are on top of a white surface with some green stuff in it
Outdoors beneath the moon and stars
an old wooden structure with vines growing out of it next to a white brick building
Pearl Masterworks Limited Edition 6 piece Drumset
Garden driftwood trellis - could even make with just regular branches
several ropes are stacked on top of each other
CC Chic Potpourri
Ropes are the only thing tiring us back to venture out to sea, learn to break them.:)
three lights hanging from the ceiling in an empty room with wood floors and exposed ceilings
Designed by a young Thai artist who trained fishermen to use traditional bamboo weaving techniques in non-traditional ways. Each geometric joint of these intricately woven pendants is hand-tied, making each lamp unique. Available in Cumulus (whitewash) and Nimbus (espresso) finishes. Shown with a matching silk cord cover, which is sold separately.