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Homemade Laundry Soap! My mom and I have made this several times. We made 1 recipe and it lasted 3 months for a family of 6, all for less than 3 bucks. Smells great & I swear my clothes are much cleaner!
576 loads of laundry for $6. I have pinned this before, but I like these directions better. another pinned says (update: made this and works awesome, I will never spend $10 on one thing of laudry soap again!)
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the trick to cleaning stubborn grease off kitchen appliances, appliances, cleaning tips, kitchen design, All you need is baby oil and a paper towel
I bet cleaning companies hate Pinterest. There's really no reason to buy chemicals anymore now that there are so many awesome recipes for making your own (superior) DIY cleaning products
Dozens of killer cleaning tips--it's like the Pinterest motherlode with snappy pictures.
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